How to choose your online trading platform

The multi trading platform that we want to present to you, is one of the most advanced facilities in online trading with in Cfd,

Platform awarded countless times of awards and official recognitions attesting the undisputed technical qualities, is an online broker specialized in buying and selling Cfd contracts, Contracts for Difference, offered through an international network of 6 different platforms.

The Cfd, we remind you, are among the novelties of online trading, lucky and suggestive financial instrument, with which, instead of materially buying a certain amount of goods (Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Bonds or Currency) we buy nominally their price variation, betting up or down.

The tendency of many is to consider this kind of activity very risky and full of pitfalls.

This, let us say, is only half true.

In the sense that it is now established that the Cfd market allows anyone to earn large sums of money even without large investments, provided, of course, that you know how to move and how to manage the many good opportunities that the market presents daily.

In this perspective, has set up one of the best structures to carry out this type of trade, facilitating the entry and management of investments even for beginners, providing, at the same time, a flexible and professional platform with which to trade more than a thousand different financial assets.

Trend of Traders

“Trader Trends” is a unique feature designed by, which alerts its traders to the major buying and selling trends, updated in real time.

The results are reported in percent, approximate to the whole and are calculated based on realistic data of both open and recently closed positions.

Each trader can perform various activities such as accessing a summary of positions, orders on various currencies, instrument details and graphical representation of price volatility for selected time periods. All directly from the main screen. Both Android and iOS versions are available.

It is important not to consider’s Trend Trader service as investment advice. Trends are for information purposes only and do not evaluate the circumstances or investment purposes of individual traders.

Moreover, “Trends of Traders” is a valuable tool for:

  • get a more in-depth view of traders’ trends for a certain instrument;
  • gain a better understanding of trends among traders;
  • make choices based on the latest buying and selling trends;
  • evaluate trading opportunities immediately;
  • identify possible trading opportunities;
  • define which trade maturities can provide better results;
  • develop strategies related to the duration of transactions.

Broker Markets Features

Markets Broker Without Commissions

The most important feature of is the fact that this broker offers 6 different platforms with which to trade on the Cfd market and other financial products without high commissions.

Each platform has its own trading tools and features.

Different platforms, to meet different needs, from trading on the move (Market mobile trading), to trading with advanced tools (Metatreader 4), to Social trading (SIRIX WEBTRADER).’s portfolio is composed of Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Bonds trading, as well as the largest and most fascinating existing market: Forex.

Last but not least, is the official sponsor of the Arsenal Footbal Club.

Markets is not a scam, it’s legal, reliable and fair.

The Market brand, in fact, belongs to the brokerage company Safecup investment Ltd, a financial reality already present for many years in this sector, and is the owner, among other things, of several other online trading platforms (forex trading, Cfd, and others).

Regulated and in perfect harmony with current European regulations, is controlled by CySEC (license number 092/08) and complies with the Fsa and Mifid directives.

These are the most important premises (regulation and authorizations), allow us to underline, to be found in any Broker.

Essential premises that make our trade, both in Cfd and in other forms, safe from unpleasant inconveniences.

How to Open a Demo Account or Real Account on Markets

To start trading in Cfd from, we can choose to start with a Real Account, or to start with a Demo Account (recommended choice) with the possibility to trade with 10000€ virtual, the demo account is completely free and does not require any mandatory deposit.

Demo Account

Our advice is to always rely on this possibility where it is present.

It is no coincidence that we have chosen to deal with because this broker offers all new members to open a Demo Account.

The Demo Account is a free 10,000 Euro Trial Account, with which we can conduct normal trading sessions without risking a single cent of our money.

Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity, join through a Demo Account, and then eventually switch to Real Account mode and take advantage of the promotions and bonuses applied to it.

Real Account

The real account can be opened at any time of the day by filling in the relevant Entry Form.

The real account, the one with which you can seriously trade from the 7 platforms that this Broker offers, provides that you can get a Trading Account with the minimum deposit of 100 Euro, which, as we will see, will give you the right to an Entry Bonus up to 2000 Euro.

Technical Features of the Broker

The first rule, when we find ourselves choosing the platform with which to invest part of our money, is to evaluate, as well as the legal and reliability aspects, the two fundamental parameters of Cfd Contracts: the Spread and the Leverage Effect.

Our earnings and risks associated with this type of financial activity depend on these two factors.

Leverage Effect on Markets

The reasons why’s Contracts for Difference are particularly suitable for beginners are justified by the excellent level of leverage that the Broker applies to its products.

When buying Cfd, between us buying and offering the exchange, the leverage applied is up to 1:30

This expresses a value about the exposure in the investment that we are going to make (1:30, and allows us to buy a greater amount of the asset (shares, securities, currency, etc.), against, however, a lower outlay of money.

Thanks to the leverage effect, fixed by each Broker for each different type of asset, we have the possibility to buy a greater quantity of shares, compared to what is really used in the investment.

This mechanism of the leverage effect, if on the one hand allows anyone to buy bonds or shares with a few tens of Euros and take great advantage in case of positive closure, on the other hand it brings with it the risk factor to be considered equally.

Markets Has a low Spread or no Spread?

The Spread, instead, is a very small percentage applied by the Broker on each contract, and expresses the platform’s gain for each position that we will open. offers different spreads depending on the type of business we trade, all of which are in line with the market.

Current Trends On Markets.Com has devised an innovative feature called “Current Trends”, which allows you to filter and find trending tools in real time. The service is available both on the Web Trader platform and on the apps for iOS/Android.

With “Current Trends” you can find out about them:

  • the major assets on the rise;
  • the biggest downward assets;
  • the most volatile assets;
  • the trends of the best traders;
  • the maximum at 52 weeks;
  • the minimum at 52 weeks;
  • the uptrends;
  • bearish trends.

To use the feature, you only need to go to your fixed or mobile Web Trader account. Then click on the appropriate search function, located in the upper left margin of the platform or user interface. Finally, go to the “Tool Search” field, click on the “Current Trends” option and then decide on the correct filter.

The Markets Deposit Bonus

Another good reason to choose, in addition to the advantageous Spread and Leverage levels of its products, is the Start of Business Bonus.

This is released on the basis of the first deposit and the actual volume of transactions we make.

The more we operate in the markets, the higher the cash bonuses we receive.

Advantages of Broker

Let’s try to summarize the main advantages of

  • Deposit for a Real Account: 100 Euro;
  • Spread: 0.5%;
  • Leverage: 1:298;
  • Demo Account: Free and unlimited demo account. 10,000 Euro for free (Activate a Free Demo Account!);.

Account Types

With we can choose between three different access modes:

  1. Classic account: 100 Euro deposit and advanced trading features;
  2. Standard Account: 2500 Euro deposit and advanced and customized functions;
  3. Premium Account: 20,000 Euro deposit and professional trading functions.

The Platforms Used in Markets

With the Cfd you earn not only upwards, but also downwards.

The reason why plans to trade with 6 different platforms is precisely this.

Allowing anyone, through different trading platforms, to earn money both in bearish or bullish market phases, but also to work away from home in “mobile trading” mode.

Let’s see which trading platforms has:

Markets Webtrader

Simple and of great operational inspiration.

This structure is suitable for fast trading with advanced charts.

Markets Mobile Trader

Trading from mobile devices, Smartphones, Tablets and PCs.

All operating systems supported.

Market Mobile Trader is an application written using the most modern HTML 5 language.

Written to work in perfect harmony with all operating systems (Bluckberry, Windows, Android and Apple).

Sirix Webtrader

Social trading platform, designed for trading and sharing trading.

Metatrader 4

No need for presentation, Metatrader is the best known management platform in the world.

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the preferred software of the forex market is offered by most brokers in the market, the platform helps traders around the world to make the most of their trading.

It is no coincidence that MT4 is so popular – the platform is simply good. Its interface is user-friendly and even novice traders can easily find their way around.

MT4 comes with an exceptional charting package: you can choose from line charts, candle bars, nine time intervals, 30 built-in technical indicators, Fibonacci retracements, trend lines, support and resistance levels and much more – pretty much everything you need for technical analysis of your trading. Fundamental analysis is facilitated by the integrated live news feed supported by the platform.

Traders can create their own automated trading strategies (Expert Advisors, or Eas), scripts and custom indicators in the MQL programming language. If you don’t know how to encode, or simply don’t feel like it, you can download Eas, scripts and indicators from the platform’s extensive library for free or for a fee. Backtesting is a trading platform option, traders can check if a strategy works before applying it to actual market conditions.

MT4 has recently been updated to offer one-click trading and signal copy – two of the biggest trends in forex in recent months.

Metatrader 4 is available as a desktop application and app for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Differences Between Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5

The trading platform chosen by an investor can have a huge impact on his overall strategy and success. It all influences the tools at their disposal, the type and scope of data at their disposal, the tactics they can use and even the brokers they can choose.

Two of the most popular platforms are MetaTrader 4 and its successor, MetaTrader 5. The latter was created and marketed as an improvement over the former, yet many have still clung to the previous technology. If you are one of the many trying to evaluate the differences between them, then here are a few things you should know.

Installing MetaTrader 4 is Easier Than Installing MetaTrader 5

One of the main differences that many users celebrate is the simpler the older software to install.

Codes are faster to compile

There are also some variations between the advisor functions of both platforms. In the first case, expert advisors are designed with native MQL code language, as opposed to C++, which makes them faster to compile. These codes cannot be brought between the two platforms, which means that when MetaTrader 5 was introduced, this data cannot be transferred from one to the other – a real problem for many traders.

The interface is easier to navigate

The interface is infinitely easier to navigate, as has been demonstrated by repeated user surveys. Although its successor is actually more refined, most merchants still prefer the simplicity of the original.

It caters to all trading methods.

One of the most complained changes in the latest version is that the latest platform fails to support coverage and implements FIFO by default. The original, on the other hand, addresses all trading methods.

Another major advantage of using MetaTrader 4 is that it gives you a wider range of brokers to choose from. Many more companies offer key services on MT4 than on MT5, which significantly increases your options.

However, these differences do not mean that MetaTrader 4 is better than MetaTrader 5. The latter shows many improvements over the previous technology, and here are just a few.

It Offers A Greater Variety Of Charts And Timing

The original edition offers nine acceptable deadlines for traders. MetaTrader 5, however, has the advantage, with 21 time frames and an unlimited number of charts, 100 of which can be opened at any time.

One of the main improvements shown by the MT5 platform is the addition of an integrated forex calendar. This can be opened in its tab and includes features such as news, programs, expected impacts, forecasts and so on.

Trading Is Integrated Into The Metatrader 5 Platform

Another important difference is the way trade is integrated into the platform. This allows traders to buy or rent forex products directly through the market tab, as well as read the trade magazines.

Eight Other Integrated Indicators

In terms of indicators and tools for analytical objects, MetaTrader 4 has as many as 30 integrated indicators. However, its successor goes one step further, offering 38, along with 22 analytical objects and 46 graphical objects.

Metatrader 5 Allows You To Place Multiple Market Orders

A further difference lies in the number of market orders that operators can place. In MT4, the figure corresponds to two market orders and four pending orders. For MT5, this capacity is increased: to two market orders, six pending orders and two stop orders.

Expert Trader’s Opinion on Broker

It has just about everything to be considered a complete tool for both forex and CFDs.

The broker’s strength lies in the range of products available: we have European, American and global equities, we have the world’s largest bonds, a wide range of commodities, as well as several world indices. You can find almost everything here.

Another strong point is definitely the platforms you have available:

  1. MetaTrader 4: as we have already seen, it is a very advanced trading platform ideal especially for those who want to set up automated strategies.
  2. Market WebTrader: a really easy and intuitive web platform that can also interface with your MT4 account.
  3. Market Mobile Trader: a state-of-the-art platform developed with HTML 5 available for smartphones.

On the MT4 platform it is also possible to set a trailing stop, i.e. a mobile stop loss that “moves” with the price, leaving the stop at a certain price from the maximum period.

A flaw can be the limited possibility to operate with small deposits. The account needs margins that is able to cover the investment (the site perhaps sinks a little ‘in the explanations of the mechanism).

In our opinion, the ideal means to operate is the web platform that, in addition to being easily readable presents a series of information both of “Social” type, i.e. allows you to share your positions with other traders, and market with a whole series of financial information really easy to read.

Another strength of the site is the good setting for technical analysis that although it seems simplistic proves to be both functional and easy to use. It is also very simple to “enter” market orders to set take profit and stop loss.

In conclusion we can say that it is the ideal platform for both the beginner and the expert even if, and here in our opinion is better a broker like eToro, the “optimal” deposit to operate is not small.

In our opinion you can also start trading with the demo account to realize both the amount to invest and the risks you are facing. Events and Operations

The “ Events and Operations” function has been created with the aim of providing the best possible information to traders registered on the site.

It provides various services, the main one is the annual economic calendar for potential trading opportunities on different currency pairs and you will no longer need to manually browse through the countless economic indicators.

In addition, Events and Transactions analyzes the historical impact of each report on currencies, when the data exceeds market expectations or is correlated to forecasts.

How to use Events and Transactions in Markets-com

At first glance, Events and Operations may seem like a traditional economic calendar, but instead, it filters future events automatically, highlighting only those with relevant trends.

On the main screen you can find: a list of upcoming events, the reference countries, when they are expected and how many signals are available. In addition, you can also add events to your calendar on Google or Outlook.

On the other hand, for a single event you can know the reference time frame, the expected direction of the trend and the probability that the expected trend will last.

Finally, you can select the “Main historical events” item to access advanced charts related to the trend of a specific currency pair in the last 12 publications.

How Do Events and Operations Work?

Events and Operations was created based on a special algorithm, which analyzes data from over 30 leading international economists, comparing forecasts with real market reactions.

For this reason Eventi e Operazioni is able to predict the most likely reactions for each financial market in the short and medium-term.

Events and Transactions can be considered as a statistical support that allows interpreting the thousands of data in continuous movement. Weekend Trading

With’s “Weekend Trading” service you can invest in Cryptocurrency trading, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash, also on Saturday and Sunday.

Why Trade with Bitcoins?

Over the years, Bitcoin has undergone countless price changes. In the last period, the price has already doubled and reached the $2000 mark, with a current market capitalization of $39.2 billion.

The reasons for this continuous growth are:

  1. Constant increase of companies interested in Bitcoin trading.
  2. Recognition of digital currency as a legal form of payment in Japan.
  3. Increased demand for Bitcoin internationally.

When to Trade Bitcoins on

Bitcoin is characterized by high volatility and is available throughout the week. Specifically, trading closes at 05:00 GMT on Sunday and reopens at 21:00 GMT.

Trading on Ethereum?

Ethereum had an increase of over 2.300%.

Unlike Bitcoin, which has become a payment method, Ethereum, on the other hand, focuses on smart contracts and today has a market capital of $18.6 billion.

The reasons for this continued growth are:

  • Increased interest in Ethereum by companies, with the formation of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and major technology companies such as Microsoft and Intel;
  • Increased popularity of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO);
  • Forecasting future regulation.

Why Trade on Litecoin?

The question of Litecoin is a recent one, gaining the fourth position among the most popular cryptocurrencies. Litecoin has experienced a real boom of 1200%, from $3.85 to $51 in the last three months.

The reasons for this continued growth are:

  1. Effective implementation of the “SegWit” scaling solution.
  2. Support from Bitgo for the development of secure solutions for Litecoin.
  3. Resignation of Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, from Coinbase to better focus on cryptocurrency.

Trading on Dash?

Dash ranks 7th in cryptocurrency and was traded at over $200 for the first time. This privacy oriented cryptocurrency reached the record price of $100 in March 2017.

The reasons for the continued growth are:

  1. Presentation of Dash’s roadmap for mass adoption;
  2. Increased popularity with the #FirstDashWallet campaign and various incentives;
  3. BitInstant founder Charlie Shrem has created a new project that sees the creation of prepaid debit cards with Dash as the payment system.

Why Trade Weekends With

  1. Safecap Investments Ltd (‘Safecap’), which operates, is regulated by CySec and the Financial Services Council of South Africa;
  2. Online trading during the weekend allows for greater concentration and fewer distractions;
  3. You can set trading hours without constraints.

Final Ratings Markets-com

In this short guide we have told you about the basics of Cfd trading, the advantages and features of, and how to make money both in a market that tends downwards and upwards.

We consider the choice of this Broker as one of the best possible.

We invite new users to subscribe to the demo account, and only when we understand the real potential of Cfd, entrust part of our savings to the real investment.

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