How to choose your online trading platform

Investing in Juventus shares with trading has become one of the first Google searches since the Italian Champion team decided to buy Cristiano Ronaldo during the summer market.

It is no coincidence that the Juventus share price took a giant leap in August.

Both fans and investors have focused a lot on this stock and there are many possibilities with which it was possible (and still is) to buy Juventus shares.

Professional investors have focused everything on banks, while many fans and novice investors have decided on a simpler and more immediate method of investment, Trading CFDs. It is a type of online trading that is very focused on shares.

To start trading CFDs and start investing in the stock exchange, you will need to subscribe to an online trading platform.

All three offer the opportunity to invest in total security (regulated by CySEC and CONSOB) through:

  • computers;
  • tablet;
  • smartphones.

Juventus Football Club is a football club that plays in the Italian Serie A.

It is the Italian Club that generates the most revenue:

  • ticket sales;
  • sponsorship activities;
  • media.

licensing of television rights (Sky, Dazn, Mediaset, etc.).

Juventus is a club engaged in national and international competitions and is the reigning Italian champion team.

Investing in Juventus Shares with CFD Trading

Before we move on to investment, let’s first see how CFD Trading works.

CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are financial products called derivatives.

It means that the price of CFDs is derived from an underlying asset, so that: indices, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies, etc., can be traded on the market.

Unlike traditional investments, CFDs only invest in the performance of the financial instrument.

CFDs are traded over the counter (OTC) which means that the investment is not settled on an exchange but directly with the commercial broker.

With CFDs the investor has the opportunity to have more profits on various markets with the same amount of capital than a traditional investment.

The profit and loss of a trade is calculated from the difference between the entry price and the closing price of the CFD.

They are currently the most used financial instrument by investors due to its advantages and features.

With CFDs you do not pay the order fee, they are a transparent financial product, CFDs have no expiry date, you can invest whether the price of the underlying asset is rising or falling, you can trade in large volumes with a small capital investment.

CFDs have very interesting advantages and features and therefore have become very popular in the financial sector. These features and advantages are:

  1. CFD prices are set according to the prices of the underlying assets;
  2. The profit or loss is calculated from the difference between the initial price and the closing price;
  3. CFDs give the possibility to benefit from asset fluctuations and without the need to have the physical instrument;
  4. It offers the opportunity to invest even if the price is falling;
  5. Leverage allows you to enjoy greater investment in the market without the need to disburse the total of the transaction.

For buying and selling, and which cryptocurrencies and classic currencies can be used for this operation. It is always recommended to rely on regulated and known exchanges, as it is very easy to end up a victim of fraud.

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