How to choose your online trading platform

Nowadays there are many automatic trading software called Robot Forex.

Software and Robots are the most facilitated means used by traders for financial trading of Assets.

Many beginners choose them because they believe it is the fastest way to earn money with trading.

Unfortunately they are wrong and today we want to explain why.

In the meantime, however, before we begin our explanation about automated trading software we would like to remind you that it is possible to invest in a regulated way and learn how to trade for free.

They are algorithms that allow the monitoring of financial markets and, through trading signals, they release trading information supported by situations whose effects can be predictable, because they retrace events that have already taken place that can be repeated over time.

Usually an algorithm of an automatic trading software is based on a technical analysis approach, analyzing the charts and the evolution of an Asset on the markets, looking in the past, the same context verifiable in the present.

Does Automatic Trading With Forex Robots Work Or Is It A Scam?

Those who do not feel like studying the charting trends of financial markets, can rely on automatic trading signals facilitating the task of identifying the best transactions with the highest profit.

Let’s say that there are many, many, many Forex robots, but finding one that works nowadays is really difficult.

In the following paragraphs we will go into this topic too, but now let’s start with Forex, what it is, what it deals with and how Robots work.

What is Forex

When we talk about Forex, we’re simply dealing with currency exchange.

For example, when we talk about Euro/Dollar, we are talking about Forex Market.

So whenever you hear about currency pairs, we are referring to trades that take place directly on the currency market.

How Forex Robots Work

Some time ago the first Forex robots were born but we always had doubts about how they worked.

One of the first, among the most used, was Easyautotrading, but nowadays even this seems to be becoming extinct.

Behind the Forex Robots there are usually some companies based in tax havens, so they can’t be traced if you find some difficulties using them.

Basically you open an account on one of the robots’ websites and deposit money to work with a platform.

But you will not operate it yourself, the Forex robot itself will do it for you.

You will be able to control all the operations that the robot performs with your money, without any problem.

But we found afterwards waiting for evidence does not bring any advantage to use them.

As in the Forex market, the same robots also exist in the cryptocurrency market.

What are Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, with important characteristics that distinguish them from traditional currencies. The characteristics are:

  • Decentralized;
  • Cryptographed;
  • Anonymous.

Another feature of cryptocurrencies is volatility, an element that has allowed investors to make 6-figure gains in a short time.

With automatic trading software it is possible to trade with the best cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Monero;
  • Lisk;
  • Dash;
  • Ripple.

A trading software is not gold casting and it is not money raining down from the sky without doing anything, it takes a little effort to find the best signals and diversify your portfolio.

The other recommendation if you do not want to run a scam is to avoid relying on software like Crypto Robot 365.

An example of Robot: Crypto Robot 365

Crypto Robot 365 is an automatic trading software that many people have had the “unpleasant” opportunity to try.

Like any trading software monitors the cryptocurrency market, trying to make it look like a favorable trading opportunity with a high success rate.

To use this Robot you need to open a trading account with one of the brokers compatible with Crypto Robot 365 software.

The next step will be to enable the account for automatic trading by connecting it to Crypto Robot 365.

Crypto Robot 365 will start trading on your chosen cryptocurrency by buying and selling in order to generate profits, but not against you!

It sounds absurd, but it will only generate profits through user deposits.

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