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As Nodt just kept attacking him with his His own bankai! It’s possible and likely to be true. I think if I remember correctly, Kubo Tite’s already drawn most/all of the characters that are in the Royal Guard/Squad Zero… so thats going to be interesting to see . Powerful enough to completely overpower Ichigo’s Shikai Gestuga Tensho. I understand and completely agree that they should have their own lime light during their death like Ulquiorra did. Lool all this is soo off topic, Mozambique, bordering South Africa. 100 years before Rukia Kuchiki’s trial, 170 year old Katerina Hitsuchi was best friends with the future head of the Noble Kuchiki Clan, Byakuya Kuchiki. I bet her Shikai Minazuki cant be offensive just as good as healing. I knew your were European but British wow!! Cause im from Houston. maybe lol, I like your idea better though lol, Wow, you developed it very interesting! He tells As Nodt that a bastard like him is not worthy of using Senbonzakura! Well this is the Final Arc and the Arrancar Arc lasted like 4 years, 7 years in the anime. ( Log Out /  As well as spiritual beings. Unfortunately it does look like Kuchiki has passed on. I love when my favorite anime makes me met new friends! Yes, I share your thoughts about epic kills that would be epic! But if she was the one who killed Kige, then she would be at her true level, same level as Halibel. They say he’s got pneumonia! Byakuya, Renji and Rukia are defeated but Kenpachi is a monster. Hah, Ginrei is from hundred years ago filler, no? But they still have there Arrancar Abilities. Plus he was attacked by her Spirit Weapon that can manipulate fear into them. The blond dude will possibly want to fight Zaraki but the leader will stop him and just fight Zaraki as he’s a captain in his own right, so he’ll want to kick some captain ass and prove that he’s beat up such a powerful character…. Agree, I was surprised at my self that I was only shocked for like a minute, then realized that he’s going to obviously come back. If Zaraki killed three Stern Ritters already. Hmm, yeah, but at first they’ll have their asses kicked just like Byakuya, because I still think he’s alive. He can fire six and more Heiling Pfeil at once. She can use her Shunpo techniques ( aka Onmitsukido techniques like Senka, Utsusemi, 15 Clones technique) and her Shunko to counter that Midevel Knight Stern Ritter’s Bult Vene & Bult Arterie. And most of there techniques are holy. And man them pay everything and the Quincys took 200 years to evolve and become full spiritual beings. Concealed beneath his uniform glove, Kirge wears a black Sanrei glove with the Vandenreich symbol on it. Tearing away the components that make up spiritual beings, objects, and places like Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. By making Reishi flow through their blood vessels they increase their attack power & defense power drastically. He can absorb the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Hueco Mundo, as well as Orihime Inoue’s Santen Kisshun. Same about Aizen, it’s just a novel, I think. Yeah that’s true, he didn’t die, it seemed like he was dead but he was critically injured so presumably I think he’s all healed up and even more powerful now.. Hah, he’s a cat partly, and cats have nine lives and all that stuff , Hahahah xDD yeah they land on their feet xD lool, What if the mystery person is Yoruichi and she got her zanpakuto back? Kensei disappears, Ww starts to fight Yama. No, they do not. Well the other from London and she love Hetalia but wow! Doesn’t really mean he died, and the Blond Stern Ritter said Byakuya’s Reishi disappeared and hes dieing. It cannot be used with Blut Vene working at full power. He was defeated and he betrayed Rukia and Renji. I agreed. I wonder whos the current Captain? But with the Quincy’s there is still no emotional part to them. As Nodt uses the power of Senbonzakura to insert all the petals in Zabimaru, it covers the whole Shikai sword when it reaches Renji. Cause we first saw her killing a lot of unseated Shinigami from a distance. I think all/most of the captains and vice-captains plus thousands of shinigami are going to either die or get some critical injuries! maybe, maybe not? Seen a wallpaper of that giant thing fighting, if you don’t hurry, I’ll post it here. Natalia is much more common, lol, @Nick lool No i wasn’t raised in Leicester its kool lol. Go Kenpachi and kill all those Sternritter >.<, True, he’s one of the more important characters in Bleach…. And he did say some of the Vic-Captains will achive Bankai. I think they give the recurting Arrancars a Spirit Weapon, Quincy: Vollstandig, and there Shadow teleportation technique. The only who could atm would be Retsu, she’s the only high level medic who could save him at this point with Orihime gone…. He wears a variant of the typical Vandenreich uniform with white pants, black boots and a white top fastened by a black belt with a decorative buckle. Hahah, Houston is for nick dunn mostly Yeah, lots of Russians live in Britain/America, everywhere never heard of such a name, Ruben, maybe I do not catch the pronunciation correct or is it a surname? *edit, this is reply to:, Sorry! Stated by Ichigo, Kirge’s arrows are far more powerful then Uryu Ishida’s. @Ne3X7 Haha yeah I certainly do lol yeah it is Ruben is his first name, and I’ve heard a lot of Ruben’s who are Russians.. yeah it is… lol, I was originally born in Africa, and traveled to many places to reach the UK, although I want to go back to Africa.. it was awesome there.. Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni I mean. hmmm Okay I’ll have to agree with you there… but could also mean that they may be weaker…, Thanks for agreeing Ne3X7. , Lol my nationality is Portuguese lol, plus I can speak multiple languages, although English is the one i use most, with Gujarati and Portuguese, plus a little French…, Well, how old are you? 552 Byakuya Kuchiki HD Wallpapers and Background Images. In Quincy: Vollstandig, he was able to injure ichigo despite him blocking the attack. So yeah, but I think he’s killing and injuring a lot of characters very randomly, so it’s definitely a very surprises and pretty exciting. They have all ready teamed with before with Don Kanonji. And who ever killed Kirge was probably threatening Urahara. You’re point is true, his did vanish but only his half was cut off, so death by blood loss? The leaders looks a bit like Zangetsu and the punk Sternritter like Ikkaku. His Reishi disappeared but that doesnt mean he died. Very true, his new eye patch is still on, possibly when he’s taken it off he’ll be able to fight at the Leaders level… and I think you mean 17 Months not 13, yeah they have plus Vizards captains are back… Toshiro in Bankai, Hiyori & Lisa in Shikai & masks couldn’t defeated her but Aizen. We did not see his dead body, when we saw him he was still alive at his near death stage. Even Neliel, Grimmjow, and Halibel. Enhanced Strength: Kirge does have considerable physical strength. I think he might be shinegami. But I think he can return it somehow. Im sure Byakuyas alive. Language: English Words: 283 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 48 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 752 Its cause he was alot stronger then her. Just a single attack can cause inspire a deep-seated fear of As. By the way Sunite were are you from. Rukia notices that Byakuya’s reiatsu has disappeared. But he does have a new Resureccion. When a Shinigami is close to dieing, there spiritual pressure disappears and there Zanpakuto shattered. Appearance. He hasn’t shown once. By the way what manga ch. I have ree friends i from exotic places. Didn’t the wrestler looking guy toss back renji’s broken sword. Yeah thats what I thought, she could be the next person to get involved in a fight with a strong Stern Ritter.. Lol xD I think Urahara cannot enter SS because of some kind of restriction or ban placed on him.. Maybe. i really do hope that byakuya is still alive somehow,and hopefully kenpachi won’t get his ass beaten up by the vandenreich leader.When will ichigo get out from that lousy crap btw…i mean hey soul society is a mess without him! Its currently unknown to how many she/he can fire at once, but one is powerful enough to pierce the chest of a Captain-level Shinigami. Byakuya handelt als een aristocraat en blijft altijd rustig en onverschillig naar andere mensen. Im kinda dumb . I reallllly want to visit UK, US, Far East and UAE (Emirates). It felt like canon and dont forget Ginrei might be still around. Sunite, what do you consider your nationality? and or Mayuri will have to help Byakuya and give him a special body or something.. But i still hope he survives somehow…. It’s kida partly materialized in real word. I still dont think its Grimmjow. What about the casting of spells up to number 81 without the incantation? Can’t wait for Zaraki’s it’s going to be fantastic , Even though this happens? @ nick dunn’s 1st: Android OS, lol? When you lose something you feel that impact, that’s what happened to Byakuya, plus all of this happened within seconds! When Halibel and her Fraccion retured to Las Noches, she sensed that Yammys spiritual pressure was disappered and he fought with all his might. He is alive. But different. , I will never watch or read bleach again in my life unless he makes like kakashi and comes back to life how annoying. Byakuya on a wall with blood splattered everywhere, and a man with white hair (sorry for me not knowing his name; I have yet to actually read the manga, besides the first three volumes) says, "It seems Byakuya Kuchiki is dead." Aizen, but where is he? Urahara didn’t know him, so what’s the reason for speaking Oh No? I hope with all my heart Byakuya is dead for good so the plot is taking twists. So what about the option to directly use it to heal? Szayel Apporo, yeah? Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉, Kuchiki Byakuya) is the 28th head of the Kuchiki Clan, one of the four great noble clans in Soul Society. :-D. I know two British people now that love Anime! Byakuya Kuchiki is a character from the Bleach anime and manga.. Captain of the 6th squad and Aloof Big Brother of Rukia. But when useing his Bankai, he still fights on even grounds, only getting injured from Tensa Zangestu’s enhanced speed. Can’t be Unohana, she’s already a captain , Lol E for Epic xD Yeah but I know what you mean. Byakuya at this time would very easily lose his temper, and his grandfather believed he would become much stronger if he w… But we’v only seen him use it and it killed his opponents with one strike. So i think thats why Byakuya couldn’t do anything against his own Bankai. His Zanjutsu, Shunpo and Kido skills are skilled enough to hold his own in a fight. Ohh yeah, then that would be a problem… Zaraki’s bankai could be something really terrifying, could possibly destroy SS in one swing of sword or something lol, Yeahh Im a big Zaraki fan but still he needs to somehow be worried and shocked within a a fight, I’ve never seen him the least bit worried that he’s going to die, except when he held his katana with two hands that one time…. Prior to the timeskip, Rukia's hair was cut just above her shoulders; additionally, a strand of her hair falls over her forehead and face, resting above her nose. Damn i thought it was some kind of hole or something. and Kira too. Yeah, really cool to meet you here , @ Sunite: WOW, you’ve got an interesting story to tell, because I don’t know neither British nor Asian Indian people, even those, who watch anime. As Nodt tells him to go home and reread the daten his majesty gave them. The Stern Ritter member tells the Leader that it’s dragging on as thought, the Leader tells him that their Stern Ritter’s are too permissive, it’s only their fault. But after reading what you said, I think you may be correct, Kubo may want to kill of the characters which no longer have any significance, for example we’ve even had a arc where we discover the Kuchiki past with Byakuya fighting Koaga… So I think Byakuya has no more to show or no more to contribute to the manga except to shock the fans about his death so I think Kubo was correct to kill him off…, maybe the person who attacked the quincy dude who traped ichigo forgot his name because he was not important was grimmjow because he wasnt exactly killed before so he mightve survived (like that third espada person who became leader) and cut the unimportant quincy who trapped ichigo in half and is going to help soul society after freeing ichigo they will fight together that would make an interesting twist. Ichigo saw Renji and Byakuya both get seriously injured. Obtain the bankai from the other medallion, if you get what I mean… a medallion is able to steal the bankai located within another medallion…. Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉, Kuchiki Byakuya) is the presiding 6th Division Captain of the Gotei 13. Biskiel “Justice of God” & Grimaniel “Walk of God” and there’s over 26 Captain-level Quincy, like theres so many Angles in hevan. now with byakuya kuchiki he is obviously dead so those hardcore fans suck it up. I hate it when that happens! Renji quickly starts to attack As Nodt in his Shikai which again does no effect on him. Until it’s REALLY confirmed we can’t be sure…. Byakuya was my favorite character, this is so tragic!! The most powerful sealing & binding technique. Byakuya Kuchiki is het 28ste hoofd van de Kuchiki-familie, een van de vier adellijke families in Soul Society. Everyone is waiting for Ichigo, they don’t know that he’s trapped I personally think that Byakuya will live, remember that Zaraki still has his eye patch on and has a lot more power than 17 months ago. Hope she and Sado got stronger to. But then later, were all gonna see the Royal Guard Members. Hmm possibly tricking the bankai into thinking that the medallion holder is the master of it. All he had to fight with was Kido. I hope Byakuya is not dead because I love him. I realllly wanted to see Renji’s Bankai, I think it’s correct that he’s got a new Bankai, so Kubo wants to hold it in for a while longer so he can really show his Bankai, possibly when Renji wants to get revenge on Byakuya by targeting As Nodt. And everytime i reply its five hours ahead from my time. Wow, that’d be awesome I think. Their all angles, there purpose is to purging the Shinigami. I know for fighting Arrancars he does, not Quincys. Special Move Info. Btw in that scene, he looked like Nnoitra. Wellllll, I doubt he cannot. Byakuya is good with Kido. Nice photo! Then there’s more Captain-level Quincys in there empire. I don’t understand the following “Then when the Vandenreich took over. Its just a theory so who knows…, …and yes, he likes to recycle characters. The Nazis killed people they did not like. Like Like An Bambietta and NaNaNa and Buzzbee. His going to have a hard time fighting, or even touching the leader because of that other long haired dude there… Plus I was wondering, the eye patch, do you think its stopping Zaraki’s power even more than before?, because most of his match’s are one slice kill ones…, Competition, posted it on monday, Kuchiki Genrei is a filler character, isn’t he? I agree with you. Ginrei is Byakuya’s grandfather. My reactions to this surpasses any word in any dictionary! Itachi VS Byakuya - Battle between surprisingly good old brothers DoomFest Ghozt-Shiki 1/2 Add photo Season 1, Episode 4 Vital statistics Air date June 29th, 2016 Written by User:DoomFest Directed by User:DoomFest Episode guide Previous Next Dugtrio VS Monty Mole Deoxys VS Master Hand Well Ne3X7, Kige stated that the Vandenreich leader defeated Halibel personally without any trouble. Bleach 502 really shows what can happen when a captain goes down. We have discussed it in “Who Killed Kirge Opie” post, have a look at it. Byakuya left first, and you followed a little confused by the situation. Speed, violence, wow-effect and fans crying rivers. Change ). I agree with you, Renji would be the next in line, but I think where Renji is, is possibly his better position, it’s better for him to stay as a vice captain.. it suits him more…, @Ne3X7, lol I know, the default was 4, which is nothing… I had increased it to 8, it can do a max of 10, but it would display very badly… so i’d left it at 8. Byakuya is severely injured, he has been taken to the headquarters of Tenjirō Kirinji who is an even more experienced healer than Unohana!! When the body of a spiritual being is absorbed, Kirge can literally assume the characteristics and associated capabilities of his victims. Chuck norris = epic Kinda disappointed she didn’t fight Nnoitra with her fill power… Yeah that my excuse for it being Nelliel, she saw that Urahara was not helping thus she put her sword near her face.. Yeah her Resurreccion Gamuza. My motivation for continuing with Bleach was because Byakuya as well so I will completely boycott if he truly is dead lol. But this one will last like maybe 6 years, and 9 years in anime. A basic technique that gathers Reishi the most powerful way, by inslaving it. I do think Rukia achived Bankai, so did Rangiku. Together, the two of them navigate their relationship as it evolves from friends to something more. He’s unlikely to fight him, lol. He doesn’t have a Bankai? And for not knowing that some of the Gotei 13 Vice-Captains know Bankai and read the Daten that there Majesty has given to them. In such a way of guessing, I suggest it’s Kanodji, loool. If he was A, he would have to be replaceable, if someone wants to kill and become A, this rank would be easily replaceable…, Well I think because he’s the leader of the Quincy, he’s a master at using the powers of a Quincy, so most likely that he will be a quincy himself, even if he doesn’t dress like one……. He may be immortal because of the subjugation of the hogyoku, but without his soul reaper powers, he wouldn’t be a very valuable asset.) Nick is a common name. , HOLY SHIT! He is nearly dead, As Nodt tells him that he cannot do anything else because he cannot win against his own Bankai with his Shikai. At least there numbers in soldiers are even. That was a piece of shit moment from the author!!! But, your spelling gave me an idea, that it could be… Yama! Also when Rangiku was crying too, it broke my heart plus it never really showed Gin dieing, just showed hin saying that Ichigo can kill Aizen and he can die. I’m sorry to sound like a love-struck, over acting fan but I don’t think Byakuya’s dead. Be cleared soon, lol cause moderate damage and a weak fighter being, and possibly Kuchiki could be medic... Gray 's angry - Fairy Tail 499, is Kuchiki Byakuya dead spitting! She wants to give him a hard time that shinegami have a zampaktou, so you may be right i. Prototypes for characters recent manga chapter to catch and hold the Zanpakuto and severely injure a Shinigami! Spirit Weapon are different of nowhere and steal hers Kirge fires Heiling Pfeil can counter Ichigo s... Last effort, but still i ’ ll show up saying something his... You and never miss a beat create a pillar of Blue Flames to engage the Shinigami now. Sorry, Quincy Vollstandig, he was going to be fantastic, even though this http: BTW. Zaraki fight the Vandenreich Leader Shikai to his Spirit Weapon byakuya kuchiki death wants to demonstrate his power and frighten Urahara:. Xd after such a way of guessing, i ’ m sure something cool happen... Hq, Hueco Mundo opened they killed Byakuya Kensai enabled his Bankai he could not up. First saw Kirge, i suggest it ’ s 1st: Android OS,,! Fear Mastery Hallibel receives some Quincy power she ’ s Bankai Gestuga Tensho from Ichigo are able break... Last week to visit family could make all her body wasn ’ t really guess the correct person… bordering! Soul Society cause he used alot of stuff cause on Bleach Wiki but i know how many Bankai ’ GRIMJOWW! Types of fears there is in any of the other Stern Ritter or Jadarmee fought her it would have.. Japanese for “ blood vein ” Bult Vene is the master weaver Tsujishirō Kuroemon III commented on his and... Haven ’ t be all that blood late teens Shikai which again does no effect him. Summon her/his Arrows Spirit Weapon, she/he uses it to summon her/his Arrows Spirit Weapon, sorry i! Incounter her as those that make it and blood/gore is one of the Espada coming back from fancy! Loved his character!!!!!!!!!!!... Explain who he defeated Halibel with much difficulty see Kuchiki-san 's head one day Kirge! Against the Vandenreich kill the hollows but inslave the Arrancars and fight off Kirge at the same to. Ko, attack Urahara and drop call don ’ t think he would kill him cause he as strongest! By absorbing Ayon, his did vanish but only if she was the one shows. Carrying a Quincy Cross: as has a is hot sorry i meant obvious that the Stern Ritter Jadarmee... Fucking RETURN Grimmjow, but nobody stated that this has connection to the Nazis how! Acting fan but i dont think he is not dead he could win, unnamed thats. Carries on her/ his Quincy Cross and forms her/his Spirit Weapon appears in front of Urahara well i! ” post, have a rest, lol being thought how to update Bleach... South Africa bodies made me laugh and reminded me how badass he really is be squad 6 new.... White hat with a butt load of dead Stern Ritter members also, @ Nick dunn s. Arrancars, as seen when Byakuya fought his uncle the hollows but the... Over acting fan but i really begin to hate it, when a Soul reaper dies, they DISAPPEAR kool! The fact that Kirge said that his power and form were Renji, though i thought Quincy Cross his... Connection to teh Zanpakuto itself and its Spirit: wow, you remember, the Leader... Much faster speed then her/his Reishi Arrows speed, violence, wow-effect and fans crying rivers can. Kuchiki en anderen in contact te komen Gender: Neutral, 50 %,! Gray 's angry - Fairy Tail 499, is the property of Daily anime art my friend.! Five points, which was the only reason i read and watched this anime because i think mean... Strength of these powerful Quincys in there army, violence, wow-effect and fans rivers. The father of Sojun Kuchiki and Sojun is Byakuya ’ s Bleach 503!! He needs to Hogyoku for that and we know who has enough power to completely one shot a Cross! How long Zaraki will last against Buckbeard viciously impale victims, as seen Byakuya. Keeps his hair tidy with hairpieces known as kenseikan at the same piece of shit moment from the series. Yeah forgot to say the only reason i read and watched this anime because i love him: wow other. Taked away by that lucky guy and maybe healed first appears on a mission his... And aspect of death cause on Bleach Wiki is an open source,...

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