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I've been reading classic comic books for over a decade. Some of you may be reading old comic books for twice that, while others have been reading comic books for less. Some of you may have just come after watching the latest adaptation of the Ghost Rider comics. It doesn't matter how you got here (though if you came from Ghost Rider, I'm sorry).

Comics have a life stacked in those twenty-two pages plus ads. There's a history of comics books, ranging from Golden Age comic books through the magical realism artwork of today. There's continuity to comics torrent, there's a pulse to the panels. There are even academics, whether it's studying Gil Kane Green Lantern art or social commentary in Green Arrow and comics. Frederic Wertham once contended comics books are bad for kids, described in David Hajdu's "The Ten Cent Plague", leading to the misconception comic books are for kids alone. This couldn't be further from the truth. From the work of Sandman comic creator Neil Gaiman to the gritty apocalypse comics of Watchmen and beyond, the efforts of a virtual Who's Who of American comics have established good comic books as an art-form.

From Saturday morning cartoon superheroes to the tough-as-nails female superheroes, the medium has become more diverse over the decades, and this tale is no different. So strap in and hold on tight for Hard Driving Heroes!

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